Force Sensors / Strain Sensors

Force Sensors

  • Force measurement easily accomplished
  • Portfolio cleverly matches force range and installation options 
  • For tough industrial environments 
  • Durable for cyclical loads in the entire nominal force range

Strain Sensors

  • The clever alternative to force sensors for the measurement of large forces
  • One sensor for different force ranges
  • Quick and easy implementation in existing machines and systems

Cavity Pressure Sensors

  • Quality monitoring in the injection process
  • Improved component quality
  • Pluggable version for more flexibility
  • Any standard type available

Strain Measurement in Holes

  • Cost-effective force measurement using strain probes
  • For permanent installations in tiebars of injection molding and die-casting machines
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Suitable for harsh industrial applications

Accessories for Force / Strain Sensors

  • Bridge amplifiers in a rugged aluminium housing
  • Bridge amplifier for DIN rail mounting
  • Cables and installation accessories
  • Multi-range charge amplifier
  • Display box

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