Object Detection

Inductive Proximity Switches

  • Non-contact detection of metal objects
  • Monitoring presence, movement and position
  • Very small sensors with all integrated processing electronics
  • Small-sized sensors with large sensing distance

Photoelectric Sensors

  • Smart & Small – top performance in smallest designs
  • Large portfolio
  • Easy to set up with teach-in function
  • Laser sensors for detection tasks in the 0.01 mm range

Fiber Optic Sensors

  • Large selection of sensing heads
  • Plastic and glass fiber optics
  • Fiber optic amplifiers in different versions
  • Detecting filling levels or leaks

Capacitive Sensors

  • Non-contact detection of liquid as well as solid objects
  • Absolutely reliable even when interfered by ambient conditions
  • High switching distance up to 30 mm even through non-metallic walls

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Outstanding fast, small and sturdy in one
  • Unaffected by object’s brilliance, color or transparency
  • Immune to dust, moisture or ambient light

Magnetic and Cyliner Sensors

  • Large sensing distance up to 60 mm also through metal walls
  • Maintenance-free and robust – ideal for outdoor applications
  • Fast response time ensures reliable detection

Precision Mechanical Switches

  • Repeat accuracy of 1 micrometer
  • Compact design for very confined installation environment
  • Mechanical (NC) and electrical (NO) output circuit

Edge Measurement and Detection

  • Web edge measurement independent of radial runout
  • Edge detection with wide measuring range
  • Measurement of edge postions and object widths
  • Copy counter

Light-Band Sensors

  • Homogeneous, parallel light beams
  • Measurement of fast moving objects
  • Aluminum housing
  • Switching version for detection of small objects
  • Measuring range up to 24 mm

Accessories Sensors

  • Cables and adapters
  • Mounting accessories
  • Peripherals
  • Reflectors
  • Lenses / apertures / glass covers

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