The Process Verification System (PVS)

Quality Control

Eliminate errors in:
Labelling, Coding, Printing, Capping and Filling

Increased Productivity

Reduce Product Recall / Withdrawal
Reduce product packaging waste
Improve production efficiencies

Intuitive Controls

Touchscreen user interface
Drag and Drop jobs
Program different tasks on the go
Easy to teach and learn

The Sensorplex Process Verification System (PVS) uses machine vision technology to:

  1. Inspect the product at different stages of the production process.
  2. Verify that the correct combination of components are selected for each product/SKU.

The PVS In Action

Lids, Barcodes and Date Codes

Milk Bottle Inspection (Dry Line)

Juice Bottle Inspection (Wet Line)

Download the PVS Brochure (PDF, 2.4MB)